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The motor vehicle expert office

On-site visits possible
Motor vehicle liability damage evaluations
Motor vehicle comprehensive insurance damage evaluations
Assessment of truck and bus damages
Motorcycle evaluations
Technical expert assessments
Accident prevention regulations and workplace safety
Value reports
Motor vehicle valuation
Classic car valuation
Car paint assessment
Leasing evaluation
Preservation of evidence

Advisor what to do when it crashes

» Stay calm
» Call police: 110 Are there injured people? Fire department / emergency helpline 112
» Secure the accident spot
» Record license plate as well as personal particulars
» Note name and address from passers-by (witnesses)
» Take photos of the accident situation for the later evidence
» Do not sign a confession of guilt

You were not guilty

» Under no circumstances should you give the damage assessment to the insurance of the accident opponent.
» Consult our independent expert, the fee will be cleared off by the opponents insurance.

KFZ-SACHVERSTÄNDIGENBÜRO Dipl.-Ing. Peter Gabriel Dresden - Der Gutachter Süd Kalender 2020

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+49 351 49 77 1000 or +49 351 49 77 1001

KFZ-SACHVERSTÄNDIGENBÜRO Dipl.-Ing. Peter Gabriel Dresden - Gutachter-Süd Markenbotschafterin Jessica Degenhardt


The luger Jessica Degenhardt, 17 years old, with roots in Dresden is successfully training at the RRC Altenberg in the single sled. The young athlete already stands out in her age group with having won 5 single sled World Cups, two third places at the junior World Championships 2018 and 2019 and a second place at the overall World Cup 2018/2019.

She is considered to be the new hope for the gold medal at the olympic youth winter games in Lausanne 2020. Her athletic career is supposed to bring her to the Olympic games in Peking in 2022 and to Mailand 2026.

We are very proud to welcome Jessica Degenhardt as our new brand ambassador. Her personality and performance represents the reputation of Gutachter Süd and communicates our corporate values to our customers.

Top sport as well as top quality of our products.

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